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Who created human

 Who Created human According to the Bible, God created Adam and Eve and they were the first humans. Christians believe that God is the creator of everything and is omnipotent and omniscient. God is not a physical being but a divine force. Buddhists believe that humans were not created by some divine being, but that we, along with everything else in the universe, have always existed and will always exist.

Who made human, hundreds of thousands of years ago, the first humans came to earth. We didn't know it at the time, but we had just entered a strange new world. Over time, we started to develop the skills and tools to survive and life became easier. We domesticated plants and animals; We built houses; We learned to read and write; We made art; We built cities; We invented the printing press; We tapped into electricity; We sent men to the moon;

The answer to the question of who created human is not clear, although it is believed that God is the creator of humans. The topic has been discussed by scientists and theologians alike, with many different views expressed. Some scientists believe that humans evolved from apes-like ancestors over a period of millions of years. Others believe that humans were created by God. As described in the Bible, their presence on Earth coincides with that of modern humans.

Who created humans? We all know it was God. He alone is so powerful that he can create, and destroy, something so special as us. But not everyone believes in this.

 God is the creator of the universe. It is written in the Bible, we are made in his image. But how we became in his image is a little unclear. We have evolved from apes-like ancestors, but no one knows exactly when this happened.

According to one hypothesis, mankind developed as a result of the actions of prehistoric gods. The scientific community has noted that the scientific method has provided no evidence to support this hypothesis. Therefore the scientific community rejects this hypothesis as baseless.

Do you know who created humans?
The question of who created us, why and why, and what we should do with our lives, has haunted mankind for thousands of years. Some believe that humans were created by a god, others believe that humans evolved from an earlier form of life. Some believe that man was created by natural processes. The scientific community has noted that the scientific method has not provided any evidence that supports any of these theories.

The Bible says that God created humans. But what does science say? The answer lies in the age-old debate between science and religion. The Bible says humans were created by God, but what does science say?

I did not do it. nobody knows. And that's it. This is a question for which science has no answer.

According to the religious view, man was created by God. According to a secular view, the origin of man is the result of biological evolution. There are many religious sects that believe that humans were created by God as apes-like creatures, and then eventually turned into humans. According to secular scientists, the idea that man was created by God is a myth.

But after so much debate, one thing is also true that there is someone to make us. If we have not been able to prove this scientifically, then how can we do it? We can definitely try to know spiritually who created man, why he was created, for what purpose. According to Hinduism, we cannot deny that God is the creator of us.

We will never be able to prove this through debate as to who made man. Because there are many such things on this earth other than humans, about which the scientists of any country have not been able to know anything. But the matter is certain that there is someone or the other who made us. There is someone or the other who is running such a huge world.

Friends, we stop this thing here because who made man? Is there God? We can argue about the things which are hidden in the womb of the future, but we cannot reach any result.

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