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Importance of guru in our life

Importance of Guru in our life Guru is the most important thing in our life. Guru is the most important person in our life because Guru is the one who takes us from darkness to light. Guru is our good guide, teacher and also a good friend. We all need a guru in life, because guru only shows us the right path. The Guru tells us about the weaknesses we have and corrects them. He teaches us how to live and what is right and wrong for us.

We all need a Guru in life. When we are born, the first teacher is our mother who teaches us to walk, teach us to speak. As we grow up a little bit our father tells us about the world, tells us how to behave with others, how to live with them. As soon as we are born, there is a need of some guru in our life. Parents are our childhood teachers. Without his guidance our life could not have started.

 As we grow up a little, to study, to get knowledge, a guru is needed, who makes us a capable person by writing and writing in life, makes a good person.

 This means to say that we need a guru at every step in life, without guru we cannot do anything in life. Guru is so important in our life that we cannot walk even a step without him. We should always respect Guru in life because Guru is the one who creates our life.

Gurudev, teachers, parents, friends, they are the people who influence our life. He helps us in our life, supports us. If we have the support of all these people in life then we cannot get into any trouble in life.

Guru is an important part of our life. He gives us direction, helps us in our journey of life. He helps us in our growth and development. We can also define Guru as a person who converts our dark life into light. Lifts us up from the ground and takes us to the sky.

Guru is our help even in the most important purpose of our life, what is that purpose? That is the purpose of our spiritual path. Guru tells us how we have to walk on this path and how to be successful in it. This human birth is available for a very short time and it is available so that we can attain God by following this path. Guru accompanies us in this purpose and unites us with the divine.

There is no person in life who does not need a Guru. Every human being in this world is absolutely incomplete without a Guru. Unless we get a Guru, we will never be able to progress in life and neither will we be able to move forward. It has also been written in many texts that the place of Guru is greater than that of God. We will keep wandering in the dark until the Guru shows us a way. Guru brings light in our life and he stays with us till we become successful. Guru never leaves us midway. That's why we should always respect the Guru. Whatever the Guru tells us, we should understand well and try to implement it.

The Guru shows us the path on which he himself has walked. Whatever he says, he says from his own experience, those who explain to us have already carried those things in his life. But one should not doubt because there may be something wrong in what is heard but one who has experienced everything himself can never be wrong and the Guru has experienced everything.

Friends, therefore we should believe everything said by the guru and follow the path which the guru tells us.

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