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What is the world


 The question often arises in our hearts that what is this world, and why? This question is also important, from the day we come to this world, we start the journey of going back from this world. No human can stay in this world forever. Then why is this world, why do we come to this world?

This world is called Saint Mahatma Sarai, Sarai is said to be the place where a person stops for a short time and goes back. The inn always remains the same but its travellers keep changing. This world has been here for centuries. It means to say that this inn is here and the passengers left. Everyone knows this thing but still he remains unknown. In front of him, his elders left this world but still he is not ready to accept this truth.

Coming into this world, we live as if we have never gone back. We also read history, in which we also read the stories of great kings and maharajas. They also read about the deities but never think about where are those people now? We think of history as just entertainment, nothing more. What could be more ignorant than this?

Coming into this world, we keep thinking about earning money day and night, for the sake of this wealth, we lose our happiness and everything. We also do dishonesty for this wealth, we also cheat people. If this is not our stupidity then what is? Whatever we get for a very short time, we keep running like blind people in this world for the same thing. What is the use of running after something that we have to leave behind.

From time to time sadhu mahatmas keep coming to this world and keep telling us about the truth of this world but our condition is like blind. Long ago someone asked Yudhishthira what is the strangest thing in this world. Yudhishthira replied that the most strange thing in this world is that every day we see someone leaving this world but we live in this world as if never to go back.

We do not even think that when the great king Maharaj left this world. The saint Mahatma has gone. There have also been many dictators in this world who never wanted to go back like us. He also considers himself immortal and wanted to rule the whole world, but today his name is not even in this world. We are too smart to say but when we are asked about the truth of this world, we behave like strangers. This truth of the world is not only for us humans but for the whole universe, whoever is born in this world will have to return from this world one day. No one can change this law of nature.

Many people also question about why this world is there and why are we here? God has sent us into this world for a purpose. This world has been there for millions of years and we too have been coming here often. This world is also called the land of Karma, one who has done good deeds gets a good life here, one who has done bad deeds gets a bad life. That is to say, we come to this world to pay for our karma. The day our karma ends, we go back to that God.

God is said to be a vast ocean and we are the drops of that vast ocean which come into this world and after finishing our karma, go back to the same vast ocean. God always sends us in this world for one purpose. The one who fulfills that purpose, goes and gets absorbed back in the divine. Let me try to explain this to you through a short story.

Once the king sent one of his ministers to another country for some work and said that go quickly and finish this work and come back. The minister went to another country and there he forgot the work of the king. After going to another country, he started his business, got married and then he had children. He became so busy doing all these things that he forgot the work of the king. He became so busy in business and family that he forgot the king. One day the king ordered him to come back and asked what happened to the work for which you were sent? The minister was happy to tell that the king, I went there and started business in which I made a lot of progress, earned a lot of money, got married and had children too. The king said to him that what happened to the work for which you were sent? The minister came to his senses after listening to the king and started crying. But now nothing could happen.

The meaning of this short story is that God has sent us in this world for only one purpose and that purpose is attainment of God.

Friends, we are in this world for a very short time. Age is not important in this world, none of us has any idea when to go back from this world, so our effort should be to fulfill our purpose of coming to the world as soon as possible and going back to meet that divine.

Friends, today's article is not just an article but it is the truth of this world. Let us understand the reality of this world and fulfill our purpose quickly.

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